Posing in a sexy black lingerie

Just look at Angeles Cid smoking hot body just laying on the bed. Doesn’t she look hot in her black see through lingerie? Those huge juggs, firm ass and that 12 inch cock just waiting for some action. When she is all alone she likes taking photos of her, for you guys of course. She likes to keep in touch with her fans so they don’t miss any update! Enjoy seeing her enjoying herself once more. By now you know that the sexy and hot tranny just adores her sexy and hot lingerie sets and she always enjoys exposing herself wearing them as well in front of the video cam!So let’s get to see her in action once more, playing with herself!

As the cameras start to roll you get to see that this scene takes place in her very own and very pink bedroom. If there’s two colors that she just adores, those are definitely, pink and black. The room was pink and that meant that she had freedom to wear her new and sexy lingerie set today. Let’s sit back and watch her at work as she makes good use of her bed to bend over on it and give you some more simply incredible views of her rear end too. And you can see that she was getting horny by the bulge that she had in her panties too. Check it out and do check out her past scenes as well to see her in some more kinky and hot scenes as well everybody! And if you liked it, visit shemaleidol.net and find watch other sexy milking their big cocks!

angeles cid posing in her sexy lingerie

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Shemale Angeles Cid fooling around

Angeles Cid is here for you guys and she’s hot and naughty, ready to do mean things. She loves sleeping naked under her perfectly white sheets. She likes giving her once in a while a massage or just playing with her enormous 10 inch cock. Doesn’t she look amazing with her incredible curves and that thick cock just waiting to get stroked. Enjoy it guys and gals and see the luscious lady as she gets to be her usual naughty and sexy self just like always. She’s always a nice treat to see as she gets to show off and play with herself just for you and we think that this scene will also remain with you for quite a nice and long while too!


Her nice and big ten inch cock was quite ready to party as well and it was really obvious after she woke up from her little nap this fine afternoon. Watch the busty lady as she takes off the cover to reveal that she took her nap fully nude and now that she was awake, her hard meat pole was standing at attention and awaiting her attention along with her masterful hand to please it. Watch her get up from bed and see her as she gets around to masturbate standing up on the side of the bed today. We know you’ll love her and like always you are going to see more of this luscious babe as well in future scenes too. Bye and see you then everyone!

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Jerking around

Angeles Cid is hot and horny, so she called her friend over for a quickie. Once she arrived the girls made themselves comfy on the king size bed and started making out. Passionate kissing, massaging their juggs and of course stroking each others thick cocks. Check out this hot gallery with this two blondes taking things to the next level and matters into one another’s hands in quite the literal way as well for this afternoon. Cid seems to have some very cute and sexy fuck buddies that just love to be as kinky and naughty as she is and one of them gets to make a debut here with the superb blonde in her famous naughty and kinky scenes as well.

Well you can see that Cid’s buddy is a blonde just like she is. And both babes were wearing some identical dresses, with the only difference being the color. Her buddy was wearing the white dress. See them getting on the bed and watch them getting to caress and kiss one another and see them both getting nice and hard. And with that their panties flew off in a hurry as they wanted their nice and big cocks to have some air as well. Sit back and enjoy seeing them as they get around to stroke one another’s hard cocks today and see them ending up shooting jizz loads all over one another’s amazing and sexy bodies too. See you soon and bye bye!


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Shemale Angeles Cid in sexy lingerie

Angeles Cid sure like posing, as you already noticed. This time she decided to wear her blue corset, that advantages her fit body, but as usual her tits aren’t comfortable, they just can’t fit in this tight lingerie. Panties are also out of discussion, that thick 10 inch cock hasn’t enough space in those tiny panties. Enjoy as some sexy and hot lingerie were back on her to wear list for this afternoon and see the simply gorgeous blonde as she gets to pose and expose her delicious body once more. We can guarantee that you will love this one and rest assured that you get to see her doing just about anything in this new scene of hers for this hot scene.


As you know, the sexy and hot blonde miss Cid, packs a nice and big cock as well and nothing turns her on more than wearing some superbly hot and sexy clothes to go with the whole thing. Sit back and relax as you get to see her making her entry wearing a superbly cute and sizzling hot and sexy lingerie set that was all white with laces and coral blue as well. It just made her look stunning and she was getting horny too just thinking about it as well. Of course you get to notice that as se poses around as her cock was so hard that it was busting out of her cute panties too. Let’s hope that we get to see her do more of these scenes in the future as well!

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Angeles naked outdoors

It’s so nice and hot outside, perfect for an outdoor shooting session for Angeles Cid. She adores the spring season, because as you can know you don’t have to wear lots of cloths. That body need to be seen by everybody. That’s why she went on her roof and started jerking off in front of the camera, just for you guys. Check out the new Angeles Cid gallery and see this luscious babe getting to expose her sexy curves outdoors as well for her new gallery. As you know she just adores showing off and this fine afternoon was the perfect occasion for her to get to do some naughty and sexy showing off as well without any delay too.

For this new shoot, the blonde lady got to wear a sexy and hot and cute top as well without a bra underneath and except that she only had her cute black panties on. Watch and enjoy seeing her as she gets straight to doing her naughty posing as she gets to tease you more and more today and see her grabbing a firm hold of her nice and hard cock eventually and see her starting to stroke that meat nice and hard too. So enjoy the superb scene with her once more and as always check out her past work as well to see her exposing her amazing curves and big cock on camera just for you as well. We’ll be seeing you next week again everyone!


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Tranny Stunner Angeles Cid getting naked

With a body like that Angeles Cid likes to show it off pretty often. That’s why she hired a professional photographer to take some shots. Of course she was in her little black corset, that just couldn’t keep her huge boobs in place. After a few pics she stripped and let the photographer admire her amazing curves, huge tits and her 10” cock. Enjoy the entire gallery and see the luscious and horny blonde getting to be slutty and kinky once more as she gets to expose her superb and sexy curves and let’s watch her in action once more with a sizzling new and hot solo scene where she gets to pose and expose her body for you as well.


As another fresh week started off, you get to watch the sexy blonde at play and she gets to start off like always with a strip show. This time it was black lingerie once more, but this one was see through too so it pretty much revealed most of her superb body straight away when she started posing too. Anyway, sit back and watch her show off her womanly goods in this superb and sexy glamour scene today and enjoy the views that you get from it. The blonde shemale knows how to work that body of hers for you and she loves doing it as well. Have fun with this new and nice scene of hers and expect to see more next week as well everyone!

Watch here gorgeous Angeles showing off her curves!

Petite Shemale naked in bed

Angeles Cid hates waking up early in the morning, that why she tends on spending a lot of time in bed before starting her day. And beside that she is really horny in the morning hours. Angeles wants to start her day as well as possible and a morning quickie is perfect. She loves stroking her huge cock and play with her impressive juggs every morning. Enjoy the naughty and petite babe as she gets to show off her body for you once more and have fun with her solo session this afternoon as well. We know you’re eager to see her too and this is one show that you simply cannot skip if you want to enjoy the busty beauty showing off once more.

As soon as the cameras start to roll, the lady makes short work of all her clothes and starts to tease as she knows that you just adore her amazing and sexy body as well. So watch her laying on her back in her bed and see her squeezing and playing with her tits too. And of course, you get to see her spread her legs as well to show off her sexy ass and nice cock as well in this scene. We hope that you will enjoy the stay for today as well and as usual be sure that she will have some more new and fresh scenes for you to see soon as she gets to play in front of the cameras and you some more!


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Stroking and Cumming

Check out slutty Angeles Cid pleasing her 10 inch cock. She was all alone and so horny, what should a girl do? She tried calling her friends, but nothing. So she decided to take matters in her own hands. She made herself comfy, took the camera and started jerking off in front of the camera till she cummed all over her. Enjoy this dirty gallery and see the blonde slutty lady as she gets to put on quite the naughty and kinky show for you this fine afternoon with her superb and sexy solo scene. So let’s get to see her play today some more with that hard and eager cock that’s always ready to get pleased by her masterful slutty hands shall we?


Angeles was very eager and happy to put on a great show for everyone to see and we know you will agree by the time you reach the end of this one. Watch her making her entry wearing a sexy and hot pink bikini outfit and see her as she gets to reveal those superb tits of hers first and foremost. And you can see that she was getting hard and horny while she was getting around to play with them. Enjoy seeing her jerking off for you today and have fun seeing her shoot her load as well by the end of this superb scene. See you soon as always with new scenes and pictures from her with more of her being all naughty and kinky as well everyone!

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Angeles Cid in black lace corset

She’s back! Angeles Cid decided to share with you a special gallery with photos made in her bedroom, although the gallery it’s a little bit old she still looks smoking hot with her amazing curves. Just look at that fit body and those huge juggs getting squeezed gently. She just couldn’t help it, with boobs like those you can’t keep your hands away from them. Enjoy this Angeles Cid exclusive gallery and see your favorite tranny as she gets to show off some more superb and sexy scenes for your viewing pleasure this fine afternoon as always, and let’s enjoy her putting one some more nice tease sessions with her amazing and superb body.

As you know, miss Cid is quite the luscious and sexy blonde babe and she does love to show off her amazing body every time that she gets the chance to. Today was just the perfect occasion again to show off her latest acquisition in regards to sexy lingerie and as you can clearly see it’s one sizzling hot and sexy black lace corset. Enjoy seeing her as this week she gets around to play with her perky and round tits and have fun with the whole gallery once more. You can bet that she will be back next week with another fresh scenes for you and they will be even hotter as the babe never gets tired to show off her superb tits and big cock on cameras too!


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The Gorgeous TS Angeles in silk corset

Angeles Cid prepared for you guys another smoking hot shooting gallery. As you already noticed she wearing her favorite lingerie piece, at least a part of it. She was so bored and alone in her house, so a few pics sounded like a great idea. Beside that, why should she hide that hot body? Those perfectly round tits and that thick cock deserve to be seen by everyone. Enjoy as you get to see the sexy and hot little shemale as she gets to put on a amazing and lovely show for you to see this afternoon. Let’s get her show started and watch the simply delicious and sexy babe in action for the afternoon as she gets to pose for you!


In this scene the superbly hot and sexy blonde lady has some kinky scenes to show off to you as she just got her hands on some sexy and hot lingerie as you can see. So watch her take off her panties as she gets to expose her nice and big cock just for you to see today. Enjoy watching her show off her superb lingerie as well as it’s quite the nice and sexy show to see her put on display that amazing body as well. So have fun with her simply amazing scene and that sizzling hot body and we will be seeing you once more next week with another one of her superb and fresh scenes too!

See naughty Angeles showing off her delicious curves!

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